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Nov 13, 2012 5:00am PST
know crews are on scene and we're sending our own news crew to daley city to check it out. if your commute takes you south, 880 at 237, silicon valley commute off to a great start there. and i want to mention this, a traffic alert, still in effect out in santa -- that is a check of your time saver traffic. for more on your forecast, we're talking big changes around the corner. >>> we have to enjoy the nice weather. we have major changes. rain likely to make a return. it will be sunny and bright as you head out the door. 30s in the valley, 40s inside the bay and 50s, a little down slowed action and that's warming the temperatures up. and most of the clouds as well to the north, and occasionally we'll see a few clouds drift across the skies. and temperatures will be a little bit warmer. yesterday we topped out in low to mid-60s. today we'll get right about the average. 68 degrees in livermore. and 65 degrees in san francisco. looks like a nice couple days coming our way, but major changes, rain expecting later this week. more in just a bit. back to you. >>> 5:09 now. >>> chevron plan
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am PST
in a city of nearly a million people. >> there is no wiggle room. anytime you move personnel, you'll be robbing peter to pay paul. that's the reality that we live in. >> mayor reed says 44 men and women are going through the academy right now. those officers should be ready to hit streets of san jose next june. >>> closing arguments set in contra costa county this morning in the case of a man who killed his ex-girlfriend and another man at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. this is the penalty phase in the trial of nathan burris who was convicted of the two murders last week. he could face the death penalty. >>> two women home alone fought off an armed prowler. the suspect may have stab wounds in the chest. according to police he broke that a san rafael apartment tuesday night. the women say he was armed with a knife. he got into a fight with one of them of the the other roommate grabbed a phone and called police. other neighbors say they heard yelling. >> kind of scary when you have young people in the house with you, too. >> the victim, who was being attacked, turned the
Nov 12, 2012 5:00am PST
. city, cone, federal and state offices are closed today and there is no mail delivery. banks and schools are closed as well. >>> wall street will reopen thorn and try to recover from the worst week since last june, hoping lawmakers can agree on a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff next wear. without an agreement $1.2 billion in cuts would go into effect january 1st, triggering a new recession. >>> grocery workers on the picket lines hope to get disputes resolved as soon as possible. their concern over a proposed wage freeze and sunday and holiday pay. both sides agreed not to discuss negotiations openly but striking workers are cautiously optimistic. >> the workers are committed to stay out here till they have a contract. >> the overall package the company says is one of the best in the industry. >>> jumps in the car, didn't have a coat and it was 36 degrees. the heat receiver probably still on. >> very chilly. today we start out cold in spots, diving down to the 30s this morning, 36 in fairfield, 38 concord and 37 in nap arc valley. it's a cold start to the morning we have a lot of clouds m
Nov 8, 2012 5:00am PST
-driven snowstorm more so and actually caused some record snowfalls there. in central park in new york city, four inches. in new jersey, connecticut, up to a foot. here in rockaway beach they had at least 4." and all this snow is causing the clean-up efforts to be that much more difficult. >> high winds and heavy snow whipped the boardwalk in rockaway beach in queens, new york. that's where tom ford lives. he was told to evacuate his sandy-damaged home before the winter storm hit but he is not budging. >> i got too much invested here. >> reporter: he said he will weather this storm like the last one with a little help. >> share some food the neighbors come back and get some heat from the fire. >> reporter: towns up and down the coast are scrambling to redirect resources from cleaning up to shoring up. belimar, new jersey, is rebuilding sand dunes on the beach and the pumps clearing out floodwaters will keep running around the clock. >> we want to be aggressive protecting our community. >> reporter: meteorologists say the snow is a blessing and curse. it's less likely to contribute to flooding, bu
Nov 9, 2012 5:00am PST
firefighters made quick work this morning of a school fire on the city's east side. they were called about 1 a.m. to saint thomas more school a private catholic campus on south white road. a dispatcher said the fire was out and the scene was cleared within an hour and a half. there's some damage to a room at the school. investigators say there's nothing suspicious about the fire. the cause is unclear >>> video from a neighbor shows a san francisco house going up in flames in the monterey heights neighborhood. the neighbor tells us the house had been abandoned for many years and was being renovated. no one was there when the fire started. flames also scorched the wall of a nearby house. this took nearly an hour and a half to put the fire out. investigators are still looking for the cause. >>> a man injured during a giants world series celebration has died. the victim has been identified as 37-year-old sean moffett. he lives in san francisco. he told his roommate on october 28 that several people had been surrounded him on haight street, hit him in the head with a metal object. he died two days
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)